Why is web-to-store essential to your marketing strategy?

web-to-store : key success factor of your digital marketing strategy

You still think allying e-commerce and web-to-store is not necessary?  How can you be present on the web without having an e-shop and drain qualified traffic in store? Find some answers in this infographic design!

What’s web-to-store?

infographie les opportunités de la digitalisation de point de vente le web-to-store

The marketing actions performed on the internet in order to drain consumers in a physical shop is called the process of web-to-store. Digital becomes an opportunity – and not a threat as commonly perceived – for physical stores. Why proceed to the digitalization of my shop?

Create a multichannel user experience

Being present online and offline is a necessity. Indeed, if 65% of the French people say they still prefer real shops to online shopping, the first action of the buying process is finding information on the web. This phenomenon is called the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) or the ROBO (Research Online, Buy Offline). What are the benefits of digitalization of shops ?

Standing out from the competition

Simplify the purchase

Improve customer experience

Digitalizing in a smart way

It’s all about improving the customer’s experience in your shop through interactive media. Digitalization is then web-to-store focused; it doesn’t put the shop aside, all of the contrary. Besides local SEO – on desktop and mobile – which will give even more visibility to the shop, other digital practices can improve offline business:

Interactive terminals (what you see at Mc Donald ‘s)

Interactive displays and connected sales assistants

Free internet has also proven its efficiency in restaurants



Think about your targets: what do my customers want? The shop must ad value, reflect the brand’s universe, offer something special. The staff plays a key role in the purchase decision and the customer’s loyalty mechanism.

As a conclusion, use new technologies to improve and maximize visits to your store. Numbers never lie!