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In order to make effective decisions, you need to be able to use your data. Formatting such data within a visual dashboard is an essential step towards rapid coordination of future action. We apply a methodology that enables you to optimise dashboard design and to choose the most suitable tool for your specific requirements.

advantages of a visual management table

Within today’s competitive environment, data analysis has become an essential strategic tool. Simply collecting data is no longer enough; you must also determine the importance of each indicator and of its impact on forthcoming decisions. Then, information must be formatted in a readable form to ensure that its significance is fully grasped.

A visual data dashboard should be accessible to all; it should be clear and should offer an effortlessly comprehensible illustration of required results. This is why it is important to call upon experts to help you interpret information and to express it in a visual dimension that is closely linked with your activity.

The advantage of a well-designed and personalised analytics dashboard lies in its capacity to be read and understood by different intervening parties and, in particular, in its future use for making the decisions that will dictate your business policy and your sales and marketing strategy.

our reporting method

We propose the following methodology:

  1. Strategy: definition of business objectives and the data that will be used to feed strategic decisions;
  2. Data collection: implementation of the tracking tools required for optimal data collection;
  3. Connection: reuniting information gathered from various channels pending their extraction, transformation and upload to the dashboard;
  4. Data visualisation: Our experts determine the best way to format your data so that you can fully understand and rapidly interpret it. The aim of data visualization is to help you define what action will contribute towards your business’s growth.

reporting tools

We work with the following reporting tool solutions:

  1. Report table: this tool offers rapid and safe access to your data. It can be used for all projects types, even the most complex.
  2. Data Studio and Data Studio 360: easy to prepare, can be personalised, updated and shared. Google Data Studio offers ready to use data dashboards.
  3. Power BI: this tool can deal with more complicated sites requiring data transformation, comparisons or forecasts. It is particularly practical for companies with physical or online stores. This tools measures and allows you to visualise the actual impact of marketing campaigns (branding or conversion) on your sales.

You can draw benefits from formatting your data in a dashboard that is tailor-designed to suit your specific activity.

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