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Uploading a new website within the migration process is an activity that requires special monitoring. To avoid losing traffic and SERP positions, we need to test the correct redirection of your URLs, to control how 404 errors evolve and to check any unexplained decrease in organic visits.

verifying url redirection

During a migration project, we provide you with a mapping file before your new website goes live. This document includes a list of all initial URLs and proposes their redirection towards the new version. A specific formula enables the web developer to directly integrate URLs within a particular file on the site in order to automatically redirect without having to manually add each URL.

Once the site is online, we check that each of the former URLs correctly redirects towards a newly created URL. This analysis is conducted over several weeks following site launch to avoid losing traffic and positioning.

404 Error monitoring

Over and above controlling that each URL has been correctly redirected, we also ensure, thanks to the Google Search Console in particular, that the number of HTTP 404 errors has remained stable following migration. In the event that we observe certain URLs redirecting to a 404 Not Found message, we analyse the origin of this error and its impact on SEO and the user journey. Based on our diagnosis, we propose an appropriate solution to avoid loss of web indexing.

Evolution in your organic traffic

The main risk during website migration is a loss in organic traffic. This is partly due to position loss in search results. This is why we also analyse your organic traffic evolution. Observing a decrease in your organic traffic shortly after migration is normal, however any such loss is generally short-lived.

Sometimes, website traffic can drop for an unexplained reason. In such cases, we identify the source of the loss and remediate as quickly as possible. For example, this may be due to a technical feature that prevents correct indexing of the web pages, even if they have been properly redirected.

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