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Your audience spends more than 1 hour a day on social media

Are you looking to increase your online visibility and generate leads, whilst creating engagement? Social media advertising is an excellent tool to achieve this aim, whatever your budget and your target. We propose working on the 6 leading platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Waze.

Facebook ads

With no less than 2 billion active users, Facebook has unquestionably become the social network you simply cannot ignore. Facebook ads enable finely honed audience targeting and offer companies from different sectors a range of opportunities, both in B2C and B2B. Social media can also fit with all budgets and be used at different stages in the conversion funnel.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is a worldwide professional network that is also developing its offer and enjoying constant growth. It is a pertinent social medium for targeting audiences associated with your professional activity. This is why it is particularly effective in B2B campaigns. LinkedIn ads usually generate a large number of qualified leads in line with the targeted profile. Its greatest strength lies in the power of its market targeting.

youtube ads

Did you know that the number of viewing hours on YouTube is surpassing the time spent watching television? For generations Y and Z, it is the most widely used web platform. Following Google, it has become the world’s second ranking search engineYouTube advertising can help you reach an audience that is as vast as it is specific.

instagram ads

The social network that puts our most pleasing images in the spotlight was bought over by Facebook in 2012. Although its objectives are different, creating and managing Instagram ads is facilitated, since they use the same platform as Facebook campaigns. This is a social medium that combines creative contents and mobile. Instagram users are generally in the 15-30 year age group.

twitter ads

This medium is specifically appropriate for promoting contents or important information on your company or sector. Twitter ads allow you to draw a qualified audience. One of the particularities of this format is that payment is made upon engagement.

waze ads

Waze is a GPS application that improves driver itineraries by informing them of traffic jams and controls. Waze ads are of interest for retail and local trade and, more specifically for compulsive buying and necessity goods such as food, drink, restaurants or services such as service stations and car wash stations.

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