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Together let’s set successful website goals & objectives

Before embarking on any digital project, and more particularly in Web Analytics, it is important to agree on which elements need to be measured by determining specific goals. Based on these findings, together, we define the potential conversions for your site, drawing a distinction between macro-conversions and micro-conversions.

Defining your goals

Defining the global aim of your website is your starting point. What is your target? Why does your website exist (to inform, sell, collect information, etc.)?

We then look into whether your site satisfies this goal by drawing up an inventory of all possible conversions. A conversion can be defined as any action taken by a consumer on your site. This action can come in many forms, such as downloading an informative PDF file, completing a form or making a purchase.

Your website must therefore be built in a way that facilitates these conversions for the consumer. We can distinguish two types of conversion: macro-conversions and micro-conversions.


Macro-conversions are your site’s most important website KPIs. They are directly linked to your business goals. For example:


Micro-conversions correspond to important interaction within your website. They demonstrate your visitors’ marked interest in your products/services, but are not directly linked to your business goals:

Data monitoring

As soon as your analytics goals have been identified, we then proceed to their technical implementation. This phase consists in determining, firstly, how specific features can be retrieved (choice of GTM tool, tracking of required elements, etc.) and, secondly, how they can be made readable and easy to interpret (conversions via Google Analytics, reports, personalised dashboard, etc.).

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