Waze ads

The GPS application that literally "drives" your audience

Full focus on more local advertising

Whether you are looking to avoid the busiest routes, to optimise your travelling time or to follow a guide towards new destinations, Waze is the ideal solution. The application has already convinced a large number of users and has asserted its vocation to become an advertising platform in its own right. Besides offering simple advertising formats, Waze is also particularly effective in that it exploits available data to offer your audience hyper-contextualised messages.

A digital guide to accompany your audience

In particular, Waze ads enable you to display powerful messages on Wazers’ screens when they stop over or are in the vicinity of the site you are looking to promote. ‘Takeovers’ make it possible for your brand to draw attention to a nearby outlet or to the value of the services you provide. Waze offers an innovative way for you to reach your audience and to attract more traffic to your points of sale (‘Drive to Store’)

Engage a brand new community

Waze is an application that targets a community which shares, in real time, a series of pertinent information that is also necessary for its optimal operation. But it is more than that. The app also offers advertising formats that are perfect for reminding your audience that your store is located along their way.

So why not suggest they pay you a visit? Waze Ads, in the form of ‘Branded Pins’ and ‘Arrows‘ do just that. They can highlight a specific point of sale and promote an offer that is perfectly in line with the targeted user’s needs. So, great idea? In three clicks or less, your audience is guided towards your store which, consequently, enjoys increased visits.

Waze is also an incredible search engine

Waze is a GPS app and, as such, it includes a huge quantity of addresses. So, how can you make the difference? ‘Search ads’ on Waze can place your store in pole position on the list of results. They are a great way to boost your visibility and to increase the number of visits to your sales outlet.

More than just advertising campaigns

And what if your brand became more than just a logo or a promise? What if it accompanied your audience every day, while on the move? And if you like, your mascot’s very own voice can become any Waze users’ co-pilot. What better way to totally immerse your clients and prospects into your brand universe, to sustainably secure engagement.

A dedicated dashboard for all your Waze campaigns.

Waze joined Google in 2013; however, its advertising campaigns continue to be managed via a specifically dedicated dashboard. Our teams strive to implement campaigns that are perfectly in keeping with the objectives you have set yourself. Their efficacy and their performance are evaluated following our specific methodology. Hence, you can rest assured that each and every one of your campaigns is updated and optimised.

Our approach to Waze advertising

Our experts accompany and coach you from the very onset of your project and take care to offer you the best advice to ensure it meets with success.

During the creation of an e-marketing campaign via Waze:

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