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Working for Universem means, first and foremost, integrating a team and sharing its values. The importance of team work and the values we develop within our company have, throughout our growth, forged our consultancy’s very identity, its DNA.

We are regularly on the lookout for new, talented colleagues. In this section, you can find out more about what Universem can offer you as an employer, about currently vacant positions and the spirit that is conveyed, day by day, within the company.

Universem as an employer

Today, Universem boasts a team of over thirty talented and enthusiastic colleagues, who all share the same desire for development based on a set of common values. We are currently divided over 3 sites: Gembloux, Brussels & Paris. Fully aware that we owe our success to the commitment of each and every member of our team, we have been striving for over 10 years to enable each employee to reconcile their personal ambitions with those of Universem. Indeed, we are convinced that it is by enabling each staff member to reveal his/her full potential that, together, we can continue to satisfy our clients and to maintain our high level of expertise in Digital Marketing. On the agenda: passion, expertise and team spirit. And all within a company that is enjoying healthy growth!


Our greatest asset? Our team!

‘Our greatest asset? It’s our team! Its members are the key to our success’, claims Sébastien François, our Partner & Operations Director. This vision, which is shared by our 3 founders, symbolises both our commitment and our shared conviction: we all need each other to succeed and to achieve our goals. We are convinced that it is by combining our efforts that we can successfully face the challenges we have chosen to take on. In a nutshell: team spirit is an essential value at Universem. Sharing experience and knowledge are an integral part of our daily life. They are the driving forces for the excellence we hope to offer our clients.

Our HR policy/Why join us?

Universem owes its success to its employees. This is why attracting, acquiring loyalty and developing talent remain our key HR vocation via the challenges that emerge from our extensive growth. We act, and concentrate our daily efforts, on constantly improving:

  • Induction and coaching for our new colleagues
  • Career development and continuing education and training
  • The will to act in favour of general well-being
  • And the optimisation of our HR procedures in order to offer the best support for Universem’s talents, every day.

Such constant improvement is made with transparency, respect and equity in mind. Every day, we work towards offering efficient organisation where team spiritcustomer satisfaction and excellence are the key values shared by all Universem’s staff members. [Find out more]

A career with Universem

Joining Universem equates to integrating a company whose growth enables it to offer its employees genuine opportunities for development. Learning, improving oneself, committing oneself, working hard… such are the qualities we valorise by offering our employees a chance for personal development, equally through training and through genuine career prospects. The expertise in Digital Marketing boasted by our team enables each member to gradually gain increased command of his/her specific field of activity. And it all happens within an extremely pleasant working environment! We believe that it is essential to combine business with pleasure, by associating personal and professional fulfilment in a friendly atmosphere!

our recruitment procedure




Telephone screening


Second interview

We do our utmost to reply to each candidate as soon as possible. Since it is our will to pay due attention to each application we receive (as per Universem’s fundamental values), you can rest assured that we go to every effort to ensure that the time taken to reply remains as short as possible.


team Testimonials

Hello, I’m Pieter and I joined Universem’s team in April 2020. Before this I already had some experience in the digital marketing sector in different roles.

Why did I choose to come work for Universem? For a couple of reasons, the approach, Universem is very customer and result oriented. Also, for their level of expertise, employees are supported and encouraged to follow training courses. And finally, the company culture, when you look at Universem’s website and social media you can clearly see the fun work atmosphere.

What is a digital marketing team leader? Well, you’re an account manager; you work together with customers and try to find the ideal solution to grow their digital marketing. You’re also a strategic expert, you must know how to choose the right strategy for the customer. And last but not least you’re also responsible for creating a great team together with your consultants.

I can definitely recommend working for Universem. You receive a warm welcome, you’re getting coached every day. And you are treated in a very human and kind way.

What exactly does a Digital Marketing Consultant do? Being a consultant in digital advertising means learning every day. The realization – when you get home in the evening – that you know more than the day before is very stimulating.

One of the most important building blocks of Universem is the clients. Every time you get a new client in your portfolio, a new mission begins. With the help of your team leader, it’s your job to understand the needs and objectives as well as possible to offer the client the most relevant campaigns (ads, keywords…).

You manage your own schedule, your clients, and your campaigns. Everyone trusts you and your work is not interrupted, except sometimes by the phone or by a colleague who needs reinforcement at the table football. Our internal communication is good and good news is always celebrated.

Many companies have decided to call on Universem’s expertise to realise their Digital Marketing projects!

They trust us


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