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Are you looking to increase your sales of a specific product, to promote your mobile application or simply to develop your brand renown? Advertising formats used in AdWords campaigns (now known as Google Ads) can help you achieve a number of aims, by targeting specific audiences. For example, remarketing helps you reach users who have already visited your website but who then leave the site without converting.


The principle behind search campaigns is to propose advertisements at the top of results pages on search engines. Thanks to Google Ads, you can generate qualified traffic by satisfying the demands and the needs of Internet users. By setting up an omnichannel strategy, you can also highlight your physical stores via the digital support. With several billion searches every day, Google advertising represents a considerable growth opportunity.

Display and programmatic advertising

Display and programmatic advertising offer potential for extremely detailed targeting. Indeed, they offer a vast array of demographic, behavioural and contextual criteria to ensure you reach your targeted internauts. More specifically, RTB uses a bid system and finely honed targeting, thanks to high-performance software and algorithms.

Mobile advertising

Mobile phones are now undeniably an integral part of our daily lives, to such an extent that the number of searches made on mobiles now surpasses desktop searches in many countries. The impact of mobile advertising is generally far greater than that of a standard web ad, for it offers the opportunity to reach your target even when on the move, directly at the point of purchase.

If you already have a mobile application, you can also adapt your promotion in order to access a more qualitative audience, with which you can develop customer loyalty over long-term future use of your app.

Google shopping

Thanks to Google Shopping, you can directly add a photo, a price and text to your Google adverts, in order to promote a specific product. This attractive format offers click and conversion rates that are among the most advantageous compared to all other digital advertising media. In addition, ecommerce and physical stores can be combined by adding an extension that enables users to locate the nearest physical store offering the product presented in the advert.


Did you know that 98% of Internet users do not purchase on their first visit to a website? Yet, they represent a qualified audience that you don’t want to lose on other, competitor sites. Thanks to remarketing, you can target people who have already consulted your web pages or your mobile application, but who didn’t convert. This type of advertising helps you reach a larger audience with a profile very similar to that of your users.

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