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Analyze the actions undertaken by your users

Google Analytics is a web analytics solution that enables you to better understand user behaviour. When connected to other tools such as AdWords, Google GA offers you the capacity to collectively analyse your marketing action and to interpret data, and it helps you to draw the right conclusions which you can then transform into strategic decisions.

Google Tag Manager

In order to track the data associated with consumer activities on your site, our experts use the Google Tag Manager tool. This solution allows you to configure a certain number of events (such as click buttons, steps for completing forms, page views, etc.) independently, hence avoiding the necessity to implement a code on the site every time.

The link between Google’s different tools is an advantage, for collected data appears directly in the Google Analytics reports.

Tag plan

Tracking certain sites such as ecommerce websites can sometimes require the intervention of a web developer. In this case, he/she will appreciate the provision of a tag plan. This documents acts as a tag management guide for it contains the codes to be implemented on the website to record the action you wish to measure.

configuring your specific goals

In today’s digital world, you can monitor consumer behaviour in the finest detail. In order to determine which data you wish to track and analyse, first of all you need to identify why you wish to collect the information and how to interpret it.

The first step is therefore to determine which goals to measure (macro-conversions and micro-conversions). For example, if your goal is to maximise investment in certain traffic sources, we must track the origin of visitors to your site and, more specifically, buyers. Once you have defined your objectives, you then need to quantify them, for example: what value to attribute to buyers from direct or fee-paying sources such as Social Ads?

Finally, these KPIs are integrated within your tracking tool so that they can be simply and rapidly monitored. Thereafter, you can easily demonstrate the efficiency of a given source, its ROI, hence ensuring you make the right strategic decisions to optimise these investments.

Ecommerce tracking

Complete parametering of ecommerce tracking is of particular importance for understanding your consumers and for using the available levers that will enable you to boost your sales. For example, knowing where your customers come from and following their user flow throughout your platform, in order to develop and implement targeted action.

From the creation of an account to the comprehensive tracking of your website, we guarantee the reliability of obtained data.

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