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Twitter remains a popular platform in Belgium

Twitter advertising can come in three different forms: Sponsored tweets, sponsored accounts and even sponsored trends. Each format enables you to achieve precise goals. Thanks to Twitter campaigns, you can target your audience based on specific criteria.

Three advertisement formats

Twitter Ads come in three different formats:

  1. Sponsored tweet: this format is used to highlight certain contents in an aim to reach a larger audience than your followers alone, or to incite engagement from your existing audience. It also contributes towards increasing online visibility for your activities.
  2. Sponsored account: presented in the form of suggested accounts likely to interest users who are not yet followers, this format can satisfy a number of aims. It can often prove an excellent tool for generating leads, but is also greatly appreciated for increasing brand renown and attracting traffic towards a website.
  3. Sponsored trends: these ads are displayed at the top of the Hot Topics list. They are clearly identified as advertising and can, in some cases, appear in user Twitter feeds. They are not really different from Tweets, although they are clearly distinguishable from organic posts.

A mobile-friendly medium

Around 80% of Twitter users consult this social medium via their smartphones. Given that the mobile phone is one of today’s great marketing trends, Twitter ads can prove an excellent channel in response to specific aims, such as provoking the download or the use of an application for example.

Different targeting possibilities

Just like all other online advertising campaigns, Twitter enables you to direct your message towards the right audience. This platform offers a vast range of segmentation criteria. Here are a few examples:

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