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This global approach to web indexing aims at providing a general insight into the key challenges of natural indexing and associated good practice. After an overview of the latest in Google requirements and its algorithm, the training covers the three fundamental features of SEO: contents, technical site structure and domain name popularity.

The latest in Google updates

Successive updates to Google’s algorithm have influenced how the search engine perceives and indexes websites and how it penalises certain fraudulent practices. For example, Google Panda began by tracking down poor quality contents. Later, the Penguin update reinforced sanctions for sites whose practice in terms of link exchange were deemed abusive.

Important content features for good indexing

During the training course, the different content features that can influence ideal site indexing are dealt with and completed with recommendations for effective implementation. In this part of the course we focus, for example, on the rules for presenting content and the hierarchical organisation of different pieces of information likely to favour a page’s indexing.

SEO’s key technical principles

The way in which a website has been technically developed has a direct influence on how it is indexed. Certain features can block good page indexing or, on the contrary, can contribute towards its improvement. These include key elements such as how responsive the site is or its loading speed.

Factors in favour of popularity

Finally, our Search Engine Optimisation training deals with the last criterion to influence site indexing: its backlinks. There is a list of sites with which link exchange partnerships are not recommended. In contrast, when applying good practice, you can develop qualitative relationships that are likely to mutually reinforce popularity.

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