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An incredibly powerful network that has already proven itself

More than just sharing photos

Over recent years, Instagram has enjoyed extensive growth to become the second most popular social network after Facebook. It enables you to generate traffic towards your website thanks to creative and forceful formats. Instagram ads offer the perfect combination of today’s two leading digital trends: mobile and video. Facebook’s Business Manager simplifies their management.

Generate traffic on your website

Instagram advertising is an effective tool for drawing traffic, thanks to its convincing visual content and visible link towards your site. Instagram ads are also highly relevant for reinforcing your brand image and for securing your renown by creating a virtual world that truly translates that of your company.

Convincing formats

Since Instagram is the social media that places priority on visual content, the impact your message has on the Internet user is all the more important. This is why we work in partnership with creative agencies to bring you the most effective promotional material to convince your targets.

By placing your products in the limelight, you valorise them whilst accentuating their benefits for your customers, rather than simply stressing their technical characteristics. We can consequently say that Instagram has become a digital showcase that is similar to a physical store.

A perfect medley of mobile and video

Since current trends in digital marketing focus a great deal on video and mobile devices, an Instagram campaign offers a considerable advantage in that the application perfectly combines these two media. As such, we recommend that you opt for spontaneity and instantaneity via the use of short formats that incite user engagement.

Simplified campaign management

Bought over in 2012 by the giant Facebook, Instagram is managed via the same platform, hence facilitating campaign implementation. Instagram adverts are created in exactly the same way as Facebook ads, with identical setup for broadcasting criteria such as targeting options. This saves you considerable time if you concurrently use both social media, together with higher accuracy in result measurability.

Our approach to Instagram advertising

Our experts are always ready and willing to provide solutions that are perfectly adjusted to suit your needs. During the creation of an emarketing campaign via Instagram:

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