Competitor analysis

Measure the impact of your competitors on your position (SERP)

What place do your competitors occupy on the search engines

When marketing, it is crucial that you analyse your competitors in order to try to understand their strategy and to anticipate their future action. Digital marketing is no exception. Indeed, fully grasping the SEO strength of the key stakeholders in your market will help you to define a better digital strategy.

Who are my competitors on Google?

Whether on Google or on other search engines, your genuine market opponents are not always the most obvious ones. Indeed, over and above the competitors you see on your market on a daily basis, other types of website can also look to position themselves using the same keywords. For example, blogs and informative websites take up a great deal of space on results pages.

Analysing your SEO competition is therefore essential if you want to know exactly which competitors you are facing on search engines.

On what themes do they position themselves?

A competition study enables you to identify to what extent your SEO competitors work on their sites’ natural web indexing. It also defines the themes they adopt and the keywords they apply for ranking This allows you to identify precisely where you can, or cannot, try to seize a share of the market.

By regularly conducting this type of analysis, you can observe the impact your digital strategy has on your ranking compared to that of your competitors.

Analysis appropriate to your sector of activity

At Universem, we propose SEO competitor analysis that is adapted to suit the size and the importance of your sector of activity. You can also opt for a more or less detailed analysis of their strategy.

After drawing up an appropriate list of keywords and themes, we then focus on a predetermined number of competitors, selected with your participation. Thereafter, every month or every quarter we can observe how their SEO presence, and yours, have evolved using the defined searches.

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