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Digital advertising can come in different forms. It associates several categories such as search, display and social advertising. The first two notions are integrated within ‘pull’ and ‘push’ marketing strategies. Web advertising through social networks enables you to reach a specific audience when it uses certain media forms.

How will my app or site benefit?


Setting up a campaign is quick: you’ll start to see the first results after only 24 hours.


Thanks to various upstream targeting techniques (keyword selection, behavioural or thematic targeting) or downstream techniques (retargeting), you pay only for relevant visits.


We intervene quickly to create and optimise your campaigns. Adjustments can be made at any stage of the project.


Clicks, spend, leads, conversions: all aspects of a campaign can be measured with web analytics. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s working, and what you need to improve.


As its name suggests, Search Engine Advertising is designed to highlight online ads based on internaut requests on search engines. The best known and most widely used is, of course, Google. And it is precisely via Google’s AdWords campaign that marketers can take part in bids with other advertisers on specific key words. These are the web ads that appear in the first 4 search results.

social advertising

If you are looking to boost internaut interactions with your brand, or to promote a specific content towards a specific audience, then social advertising is the medium for you.

Today, every network has its own digital advertising platform:

Facebook is the most famous with over 2 billion users. It is also the social medium that takes the process the furthest in terms of targeting potential and web advertising formats.

LinkedIn Ads is the world-leading professional network. It is the most pertinent channel to reach a B2B audience.

Did you know that the current most widely used visual medium is not television, but YouTube? Today, this video format is simply impossible to ignore.

Intimately linked with Facebook, Instagram, the popularity of which is enjoying constant growth, is on the verge of becoming the number 2 social medium.

Other social media include Twitter, Snapchat and the Waze – GPS application. They can all be used to achieve different marketing goals.

Bing Ads

bing ads

Bing is the second ranking search engine in the world, immediately after its major rival Google. Just like Google, it offers the possibility to promote web ads using the same bidding principle. Bing advertising enables you to reach a new audience for maximized results. The platform is very similar, but is constantly developed to bring innovation to business deciders. Most of the time, campaigns are imported direct from AdWords, hence facilitating setup.

sea training

Would you like to get to grips with the different channels mentioned above? As an online advertising company, Universem can provide you with web advertising training, whatever your level. We adapt our courses to suit your specific needs and your existing knowledge in the field.

Digital advertising is one of the most effective advertising formats for your marketing. It can be constantly measured and optimised to ensure you obtain the best results. Contact our training teams or let us support you as your online advertising agency!

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