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Let us introduce you to our methodology: E5R

Farewell surrealism, welcome to pragmatism.

Whilst each of our services comes with its own specific methodology, our projects all stem from the same systematic approach, the final aim of which is success for your emarketing project.

We do not claim to do miracles; however, our approach is the result of 10 years of consultancy services provided to our clients in the captivating field of digital marketing.

It involves 5 distinctive phases.


Let’s delve into your world together. Let’s take a closer look at your company’s vision and its mission. Let’s analyse the goal you have set and the objectives you have defined to achieve it.

Let’s get to know your clients, prospects and targets better. In a nutshell, let’s explore your world, for no-one knows it better than you do!

All these details can offer us a better insight into your needs and your expectations. We need to understand who you are, what your competitive advantages are and your possible weaknesses, in order to offer you the best possible guidance for implementing your digital strategies.


We then need to extract the essence from this initial exchange. In doing so, we can combine, in the most optimal manner possible, your knowledge and our expertise, in order to maximise the impact of your Search & Analytics emarketing project.

As soon as it is launched, we identify the key touch points between our respective organisations, together with your project’s strategic features and specific dimensions. These elements enable us to measure your project’s efficacy. Exchange is an essential ingredient in guaranteeing the most transparent partnership.


Our consultants are trained in the latest innovations and are there to help you make the most of them. They design and deploy the best Search & Analytics emarketing techniques. Over the years, we have also developed a network of partners, all of them experts in their specific fields. And very often, it is via the combination of these skills and know-how that the best realisations emerge.


Our expert teams take care, day after day, to ensure your project performs as best possible. They advise you and help you to make the best tactical decisions to achieve your predefined goals.


All our methodologies agree on one point: the success of any project depends on its monitoring and the evaluation of its performance.

Digital marketing is no exception. This is why we assess and regularly exchange on the efficiency of your emarketing strategies.


Change has never happened so fast. And yet, never again will it be so slow.
Our iterative approach is designed to be agile and is based on a culture of trial and learning.
This is why we constantly reassess your project’s performance in an aim to constantly improve it.

Many companies have decided to call on Universem’s expertise to realise their Digital Marketing projects!

They trust us


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