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SEO positioning: a key to success

Would you like to have a clearer picture of your natural indexing? To know whether your efforts to optimise your SEO towards a ‘SEO-friendly’ model have yielded expected results? Web indexing monitoring, also referred to as SEO monitoring, can guide you. Monitoring involves 3 categories: positioning analysis, SEO traffic analysis and competitor analysis.

Ranking analysis

There’s no secret: beyond the first search engine results page, it’s almost as if you didn’t exist. What’s more, the first 3 natural positions attract over half of total clicks. Being aware of your Google ranking is therefore crucial in understanding your level of visibility on the Internet.

Furthermore, ranking monitoring enables you to determine the impact any changes to your website may have. Have you succeeded in reaching one of the first three positions in your field of activity?

SEO traffic analysis

Managing to position your website on the first three search engine results is fantastic. But what true effect does this have on your website? Have you positioned your best pages? Have you gained more conversions thanks to this natural indexing?

To answer these questions, SEO traffic monitoring is the best solution. Thanks to data provided by Analytics, we can identify which of your web pages brings the most traffic via natural web indexing, whether they convert or whether users prefer to then leave your site. A vast array of data is available to help you.

Competitor analysis

Any marketing action implies keeping an eye on your competitors. Natural web indexing is no exception. Consequently, competitor analysis can often prove an excellent complement to your own SEO monitoring.

It can offer you an excellent insight into your main competitors’ visibility on search engines. What terms offer them a head start? Do they also implement SEO techniques on their website? Globally, do you obtain better positions on searches pertaining to your specific market?


Monitoring your indexing and/or that of your competition is a recurring activity that requires special skills and tools. Would you like some professional coaching to guide you.

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