Website redevelopment

Renewal of your platform requires an SEO migration

Who says redevelopment, says SEO migration

Do your new strategic objectives require that you revise your website? This type of change is the ideal opportunity for you to review your tree structure in order to improve the user journey and web indexing. Migration must then be thoroughly prepared before your website goes live.

site tree structure

A well-designed tree structure is one of the most precious ingredients for successful web indexing. It essentially determines URL readability, simplifed destination page access for Google and can also form the basis for creating semantic kernels. An optimised tree structure can positively reinforce a site’s SEO thanks to:


The migration process defines the passing of an existing website towards the new site. To avoid losing your SEO traffic during the move, it is essential that you correctly prepare the migration of each and every page. Thanks to a mapping plan, each page from the former version is redirected towards the corresponding page on the new version.

Publishing your new website

The final step in your site revision is to launch your new site, which coincides with the disappearance of the initial website. During publication, each former URL is tested to check that it correctly redirects to the appropriate page on the revised site or to the closest theme. For several weeks, it is recommended that you regularly control that the number of exploration errors is not increasing, for this would impact your web indexing.

Are you planning to redevelop your website, to review its design and its content whilst limiting the negative effects this may have on your position in natural search results?

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