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What value to give to your data?

Google analytics enable you to rapidly and efficiently control the performance of your website, your mobile website or your application. You can consequently improve your understanding of your clients’ behaviour by viewing data in real time and by taking suitable measures to maximize your ROI.

implementing google analytics

The first step in implementing data monitoring consists in creating a Google Analytics account so that you can comprehensively track your website. Our teams of web analytics consultants then work with tag management tools in order to determine which features on your web pages require monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency and increased autonomy.

Setting up a web analytics solution to measure your website audience involves 5 major phases:

  1. Identification of your aims
  2. Implementation of a GTM tool for autonomous tracking of your data
  3. Creation of a tag plan or a tag guide document for the web developer
  4. Tracking of your showcase or ecommerce site

dashboard creation

Based on your specific needs and your activity, our agency propose personalised dashboards to enable you to format your data and to facilitate decision-making. A range of different visualisation tools is available. We have selected three: Tableau, Data Studio / Data Studio 360 and Power BI.

Analytics for mobile applications

If you have developed an application and you are keen to learn more about your users’ behaviour on this specific medium, we offer adapted tools and solutions: App Analytics. For example, you can learn through these resources why Google tracking mixing between different channels is important.

A/B testing

As its name suggests, A/B testing enables you to test different versions of a page on consumers from the same segment and during an identical timeslot. This process aims at boosting your conversions based on your customers’ behaviour. At Universem, we coach you throughout the implementation of your A/B testing. It is worthy of note that a 10% increase in conversion level equates to a 10% saving in your marketing expenditure.

AB testing

Web analytics training

As an SEO, SEA and web analytics agency, Universem dispenses analytics training sessions adapted to suit your activity and your level. Whether you boast basic or advanced skills, whether you wish to train alone or as a group, we can teach you how to independently manage your data.

Willing to improve your knowledge of your own consumers? Looking to implement web analytics solutions and get the best out of it? Interested in capturing the story behind all those webstats?  Then get in touch with our experts !

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