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Increase the ROI of your Facebook campaigns

Facebook, a must-have of your digital advertising strategy

Today, Facebook has become an essential platform for any company. Facebook advertising can draw qualified traffic to your website, whilst reinforcing your brand image. Universem’s experts can help you to make the most of this medium to achieve your emarketing goals.

Generate traffic on your website

Thanks to the vast array of targeting parameters proposed by Facebook, you are sure to redirect highly qualified visitors to your website. By sending the appropriate message to your target audience, you can draw even more pertinent leads whilst maximising your chances of conversion.

Improve your brand image

Certain Facebook ad formats are particularly efficient for plunging the internaut into your product environment whilst enabling them to interact with your brand. Video, for example, is specifically effective in promoting a company’s brand image. Generally speaking, it generates greater impact whilst encouraging engagement.

Our Facebook methodology

Implementing your Facebook advertising campaign is a five-step process:

  1. Definition of your strategy: we begin by establishing, in close collaboration with our client, a global strategy that will satisfy predetermined goals. At this point in time, we select the most appropriate formats based on your activity and your needs.
  2. Choice of budget and target: we then define the precise budget that will be spread over the predetermined period required to achieve your objectives. At this stage, we have enough information to propose clear targeting to reach your desired audience.
  3. Advertising campaign setup: then the time comes to launch your campaign based on your strategy, budget and audience. Before publishing on line, we put forward a number of proposed creations.
  4. Monitoring and optimisation: we monitor your Facebook ads on a daily basis in order to assess their impact. Based on this data, we can offer a range of optimisation options to constantly improve your results.
  5. Monthly report: every month, we send you a report on how your Facebook campaigns are evolving. This enables you to regularly measure the progress made in achieving your aims.

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