Go for Google Shopping to boost your e-commerce!


Looking for more visibility for your e-shop? Find out how, in a sector as competitive as it is, to generate ultra-qualified traffic.

Google Shopping, what is it ?

Formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping is an ad campaign format that directly displays the products of an e-commerce in search results. These results appear in the first position, in the form of an image and accompanied by a price and a link to the site selling the product. This form of advertising grows easier to click.  The user visualizes immediately the available products and compares directly and easily the existing offers.

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Who should use this advertising format and how?

Any e-commerce that wants to give more visibility to their products can take advantage of Google Shopping. The format has shown results. A study shows that 46% of clicks in the US are awarded to Google Shopping campaigns! This is not just a fashion effect anymore but a real marketing challenge.

You shouldn’t wait too long before jumping on the bandwagon, it is moving faster and faster.

Nevertheless, there are certain criteria that must be met in order for the campaign to be accepted. Especially :

  • Have the entire site in https
  • Sell authorized products online
  • Provide a data feed from your catalog with mandatory attributes

The price is, of course, mandatory information.

  • Update this feed whenever you change your catalog

As you will understand, for a Google Shopping campaign to perform, all fields requested by Google must be scrupulously filled.


Compare prices, a timeless strategy

In short, this format is an online price comparator. This strategy has been going on since the dawn of time. Compete against your opponent by displaying a more democratic price, and this, for a similar product. Big brands make a major commercial argument out of it. If buyers have always inquired about the price of a product before buying it, it is now possible to do so in a single click! Therefore, the challenge is to propose, through Google Shopping, a product that best meets the demand and which is also competitive.

You want to boost the sales of your e-shop with Google Shopping? Take a step ahead of your competitors! Contact us to develop a winning digital strategy together!