Enter the Universe of Digital Marketing !

Corporate Video | Universem Digital Marketing Consulting|

Universem is proud to present its first animation video created by 87seconds. Follow the guide !

Created 7 years ago in a small office in Gembloux, the name “Universem” was not chosen at random! Indeed, already in 2010, the visual identity symbolized the will of its three founders to continue their growth and share their knowledge in the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Currently the world of the Web counts 30 000 billion pages indexed by Google. 20 billion sites are visited (crawled) by Google every day and 3.3 billion requests are made each day (100 billion per month). Like planets, stars and asteroids; websites will remain unknown if there’s not a serious SEO work behind to make them visible by search engines.

The “universemien” present throughout the video is rerepresented by the satellite and will help you increase your visibility on the Internet. It will be endowed with the latest technologies to carry out missions in terms of acquisition, conversion and retention.