Why choose for YouTube Ads ? 5 benefits over traditional media !


Second search engine behind its owner Google, YouTube has become a pillar of digital strategy. Its growth, accessibility and insights offer unique opportunities, to seize quickly!

A Number 1 spot

Last week, the sports equipment manufacturer Adidas announced that they would like to turn their back on traditional television advertising to devote more money to digital channels. This change is not insignificant, it is repeated by many other companies seduced by the growth and opportunities of digital video advertising.

To develop this type of strategy, one channel is ahead of all others: YouTube. The video sharing platform has become the first national channel in many countries. Young people spend more time on YouTube than in front of their television. YouTube has become number 1.

YouTube ecosystem figures for 2016

A supremacy that attracts more and more advertisers. But beyond its strong growth, YouTube ads have many advantages over conventional TV spots.

The 5 advantages of YouTube ads

More accurate targeting

On television, an advertisement targets a certain audience according to the time and the program. The target is assumed and an impact is estimated. With digital video advertising, targeting is much sharper. You can decide to target people on multiple criteria: demographics, interests, queries, etc. One can also decide to exclude targets that he wants to avoid at all costs.

Less costly, more control

YouTube Ads generally work on a per-view (CPV) basis. A view is counted when a user watches the video for at least 30 seconds or in its entirety if the video does not exceed 30 seconds. You will only be billed when your target has actually seen your video. An undeniable advantage, especially as the CPVs remain democratic. For a local campaign, the average CPV is between 0.10 € – 0.30 €.

Rich and varied content

The content of your ad will depend on the purpose of your ad campaign. With YouTube, anything is possible. It is nevertheless essential to properly craft your strategy to strike at the right time.

  • Inspiring Content (Hero) : This is a specific content over a short period of time. For example, the launch of a new product, a new film.


  • Engaging Content (Hub): To educate people, make your brand known. This content appears regularly.


  • Relevant Content (Help): Browsers are always looking for information on the web. Always be present with an explanatory video.



Different formats available

The first few seconds of your advertising are crucial. This is when you must seduce your target. Depending on your video, your means and your objectives, it is possible to favor one of the formats offered by YouTube.

The 3 most common YouTube Ads formats:

  • In-Stream format, which consists of placing your video before, during or after playing another video on YouTube. The user will be imposed to watch a minimum of 5 seconds video advertising.


  • As the name suggests, In-Search advertising aims to make your videos appear at the top of YouTube’s search results pages based on the inserted keywords.


  • The In-Display format displays a banner next to or on the viewed video redirecting to your video.
A unique media

Once you’ve launched your campaign, you’ll get lots of valuable information about your ad and your target. These insights will allow you to refine your communication and your targeting. This information can also be very useful to power your other communication channels.

Of these collected data, consider creating audience lists. You will then be able to implement a Remarketing strategy and use what worked well during your previous trials.


One could conclude by saying that “Everything that YouTube ads allows is all that TV commercials do not allow.”

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