Universem’s among the 1000 fastest growing companies

Financial Times Top 1000 fastest growing companies|

Universem has risen to the top half of the ranking table.

For the very first time, the Financial Times has decided to take to ranking the companies which, between 2012 and 2015, have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2012 and 2015. This survey, conducted with the support of Statista, analysed the turnover evolution of companies based in 31 European countries.

The digital marketing as a growth accelerator

If you have already seen this small sentence within our presentations, it is simply because Universem believes in a positive image of growth. Indeed, we are convinced that the development of a proper digital strategy as well as the deployment of adequate tools may help companies in achieving the goals they have set for themselves. A motto that freshly gained in credibility since Universem ranks 350th among the top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe between 2012 and 2015.

Belgium managed to place 3 companies among the Top 500

A vision shared by other organisations in our country since two other enterprises have risen to the top half of the table while a fourth one just made it into the Financial Times’ ranking. These are presented in the following order: the web agency Comizzo is the first Belgian company and ranks at the 300th position (+413%), followed by the Antwerp-Based ‘IT Resellers Group’ (313 – +397%), by Universem (350 – +346%) and finally by Sofico (978 – +61%), a company specialized in the development of dedicated software modules for leasing and fleet management.

Ranking of the Belgian companies
Four Belgian companies made it to the ranking.

A ranking that highlights a certain disparity between Flanders & Wallonia

As a matter of fact, three out of the four Belgian companies that made it into the ranking published by the Financial Times are headquartered in Flanders. While the figures for the past five years demonstrate that growth in Wallonia fastens-up, it is clear that too few forward-looking and promising projects are initiated in the southern part of the country. In fact and as mentioned in a recent article from “Régional-IT”, a brief review of all the projects that were ever submitted to the W.IN.G clearly brings to light shortcomings in technology-driven projects. Yet the most prominent sectors among the aforementioned ranking are directly linked to the emergence as well as the adoption of new technologies.

Belgian ecosystems are lagging

Furthermore and regardless of the ranking per country or per region, this survey reveals which ecosystems are the most dynamic. It seems like our neighbours on the other side of the Channel followed the winner-takes-it-all rule since 78 out of the 1000 ranked companies are based in London. Next come Paris (45), Milan (34) and Berlin (32). At its side and with four companies making the list, Belgium does it as well as Finland. However it stays behind Ireland (9), Poland (5) and Romania (5).

This first edition of the FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies Ranking will surely inspire other companies hence boost the Belgian ecosystems.

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