Why and how to advertise on Instagram? Our Tips & Tricks!

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There’s no getting away from this ultra-trendy platform. Bought over in 2012 by Facebook, the social network is now as fashionable as ever. Much more than just an album of holiday pics or of the latest in hype restaurants, Instagram has probably become the most powerful channel for boosting your brand image as a B2C professional.

Image to serve your company’s interest

User behaviour is constantly evolving and marketing needs to adapt to keep up. Internauts remain at the heart of our strategic thinking, as illustrated by the attention paid to user experience and customer journey optimisation. Generation Y purchasers, Instagram’s most important group of consumers, tend to be more sensitive to service and customer relation quality than to a particular brand or distributor.

More than ever before, it has become essential to develop a trust-based relationship between your company and your customers. And what better way to convince you than to show you? Indeed, you would tend to trust a person you have met in the flesh rather than an advertising panel wouldn’t you?  Well, exactly the same applies to your organisation.

Instagram is the ideal platform for unveiling what goes on behind the company scenes – what happens outside of ‘conventional’ marketing and official statements. And this offers you an ideal opportunity to whet your internet users’ appetite.

Integrated within Facebook

After being bought over by Facebook, Instagram is now an integral part of its Business Manager advertising platform. So, if you are capable of configuring a Facebook advertising campaign, you can also easily create one on Instagram.

1. Format

Beyond its function as a simple image sharing platform, Instagram has become an extremely powerful marketing tool. Several formats are currently available, including carousel and video which, let’s not forget, were the most extensively viewed media over the past two years.

And thanks to stories, your limits are only those of your imagination. Whether you are looking to broadcast a promotional deal, to introduce new products, your latest ‘timeline’ post or snippets of company life, these 15-second mini videos are a genuine gold mine for engaging your followers.

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Instagram advertising formats – June 2018      

2. Targeting

As previously explained, Instagram campaigns are created on Facebook’s Business Manager platform. Consequently, this is where you select your target, your format, budget, publication calendar and, most importantly, location, i.e. the place where your ads will be displayed.

You can, of course, combine several locations for the same campaign, but we always advise that you adapt your message to suit the channel used and, therefore, the audience. Please note that the size of images/videos is not exactly the same depending on certain choices.

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Are you planning to launch an advertising campaign on Instagram? Find out more about Instagram ads or contact one of our experts to talk about your project!