What’s essential to boost your sales : Dynamic remarketing !


A visitor rarely buys during his first visit on a website. Best case? He will ad an article in his bag. At this point, the challenge is not to attract him, but to make him come back.

Dynamic remarketing is the perfect tool to get there !


Businessman drawing a financial graph (histogram)


These campaigns will allow you to reach people that already visited your website by using visuals that present products they looked for during their previous visit.

What’s the interest for your business ?

Dynamic Remarketing has lots of advantages. Here’s a small part !

  • Boost your ROI

This type of online advertising campaigns will boost your results. Really ? Indeed, these campaigns have conversion rates up to 50% higher than traditional display campaigns.

  • Accompany your visitors in their buying process

On average, 97% of visitors do not convert on their first visit. A purchase often takes time and needs some thought. Dynamic Remarketing allows you to accompagny users in the process of decision.

It allows you to remind them of your existence through highly targeted ads.

  • Getting the maximum benefit from your product flow

You have already created a product stream for Google Shopping Ads ? Then the biggest part has already been done! Use it to boost the performance of your Adwords campaigns !

  • Submit customized ads

Don’t limit yourself to targeting visitors with generic ads, offer them the article or the promotion they have a real interest in.

How to set up dynamic remarketing ?

Are you convinced ? Let’s take action. Follow the guide !

  1. Create your product feed or services

If you haven’t set one up yet, you need to create a product feed via your Google Merchant Center Account. This file will contain all the information about the products for sale on your website. Google will use this information to fill in the details of your ads.

  1. Add the tracking tag 

The next step is to add the dynamic remarketing tag on all pages of your website. This tag will link users who visited your site to remarketing lists associated to products they’ve shown interest in.

  1. Create your dynamic ads

Several formats and layouts are available. Select those that match your products and configure them. Google will fill in the details according to the targeted users.

Here you go !


Need some help to launch your dynamic remarketing campaigns ? Don’t hesitate and contact us. We’d be delighted to accompagny your growth !