6 good practices to increase the ROI of your Remarketing campaigns


During the previous weeks, we’ve already described some remarketing possibilities. Today I suggest we go through the different points you have to respect in order to make the most out of your new remarketing campaigns.


Advice N°1 : Exclude visitors who have already converted

If a visitor just converted on your website, why would you keep presenting ads to him ? If you do, you’d take the risk to be considered as spam. You better avoid this in order to maintain a good relationship with your prospects !

The solution ? Create an audience with users that already converted on your website and add this to the negative targeting of your remarketing campaigns.


Advice N°2 : Targeting quality visitors

No need to throw your money away. Focus your spendings on users having a genuine interest in your website. To do so, avoid setting your audience criteria on the landing pages of your campaigns or on homepages. You would include users that have no interest at all and offer little chance of converting.

If you have trouble finding a particular page to place your objective, a number of pages can be relevant to enter the audience list.  This shows the user’s interest in your products or services.

Remarketing - Critère d'audience
Remarketing – Audience criteria


Advice N°3 : Segment your audiences and personalize your messages

Audience lists are your best targeting tool, don’t spoil them ! Adapt your messages and landing pages to each one of them to maximize your conversion rate.

For each remarketing campaign, from Search (RLSA) to Display, create a unique logic “target – ad – landing page”.


Advice N°4 : Frequency capping

Spam is bad !

It’s unlikely that a user clicks on a banner at its 51st impression. To avoid overwhelming users with your ads, set a limit on the number of impressions ! You can fix it by day, week, month. We are used to set this limit below 20 impressions per month.


Advice N°5 : Exclude irrelevant sites

Avoid unnecessary impressions, it is best to add locations where you have a low click rate to your negative targeting. Two possibilities : by domain name or by category. If the exclusion of categories needs to be done one by one, that of the domain names is only possible after analysing the results of each of your ads.

Remarketing - Exclusion d'audience
Remarketing – Audience Exclusion


Advice N°6 : Test, test, test and even more testing !

Wether it is about the lifespan of cookies, selection of criteria, ad messages or any other settings… TEST IT ! Each campaign is unique and therefore needs unique settings. Avoid stereotypes. Use your ad’s results to make decisions.


In short, remarketing is a powerful tool to accompagny your prospects into the conversion tunnel. But without targeting and optimization, it is useless !

I hope these different points will help you meet your marketing objectives. Feel free to share your experience and comments below !