Remarketing : 3 opportunities for your business


Does remarketing ring a bell ? It’s a technique that will allow you to target users that already once visited your website. From classic remarketing to RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) and to Facebook remarketing, there’s certainly one that meets your objectives. Focus on 3 opportunities of this still often overlooked technique. 

Opportunity 1 : A highly targeted audience

Did you know ? An average of 97% of the visitors will not convert on their first visit. Remarketing is THE solution ! It allows you to communicate with this very specific audience.

The first benefit  of remarketing is the precision you can target your audience with. But not just that. For every audience, you can adapt your message, but also the time of broadcast.

Let’s take the example of a clothes e-shop :

Your user X added an item to his shopping cart. However, he left your site for some unknown reason. Thanks to remarketing, and more particularly to dynamic remarketing, you can re-offer him the same item in the upcoming days.

Remarketing process
He still didn’t convert ? Feel free to offer him some discount the next week !

In a nutshell: The right message to the right person at the right time.


Opportunity 2 : An increase of customer retention

What you already know : an acquired customer costs less than a customer that still needs to be acquired. But, thanks to remarketing, you can specifically adress your existing customers.

If we take our example :

Why wouldn’t you offer some discount if they didn’t visit your site for the last 30 days? Through this, you are sure to drain highly qualified traffic to your website.


Opportunity 3 : Continuous contact with your target

Every company needs to communicate daily in order to stay popular. To stay permanently in contact with your prospects and customers is beneficial for your brand. Thanks to remarketing, you communicate wtih this very specific and interested audience. vThe end of spurious noise!

Of course, do not abuse these messages! For this, you can easily limit the number of displays to your audience.


Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook remarketing ? It’s all a bit blurry in your head ? Stay tuned ! We’ll explain it all this summer.