A spectacular “About us” page: 5 pieces of advice


The “About us” page is one of the most viewed on a website. Here are 5 pieces of advice that will help you score points with your visitors!

1.  Slogan or baseline: introduce your “Jones”

The slogan or baseline is the whole purpose of your project or company. A good piece of advice: stand out from your competitors. Show your competitive advantage. Why do people always remember Tom and Dick, but not the two Joneses in the middle? Show off your assets here – this is what will help you stand out from your competitors!

2. Tell the story of your company

You should be very careful here, take our word for it! Too many companies get caught up in the “us”, savouring the page where – finally – they get to talk about their history in the minutest detail. But the reality is that visitors just aren’t interested! Instead, tell the story of your company authentically and creatively, but be succinct and concise.

Easier said than done? Then storyboard it:

  • Initial situation: the period before the company existed. What did you do before?
  • Trigger: “And that’s when it all started”
  • Sequence of actions: all the events that occurred after your company was created. Or the driving force – i.e., what encouraged you to continue with the project.
  • Final situation: “Today, we…”

One golden rule: make yourselves appear human! Talk about the projects of which you are most proud, or a particularly memorable success story. Add some spice to your story with a little anecdote. Your company history is now ready to be shared!

Obviously, you shouldn’t feel obliged to adhere to each and every one of these points. There’s nothing to prevent you from only talking about the trigger or sharing an anecdote. The most important thing is to make it interesting for the people who are going to read it.

The “About us” page on Basecamp.com is a good example:

La page Qui sommes-nous de Basecamp: un exemple réussi!

3. Give a face to your company

Introduce your team! Add at least one photo of the whole team. And the most important thing to remember? Introduce each member (or at least, each of the key people) with a small photo and include a fun and original description of them. And if you have a small team made up of creative people? Ask each of your employees to draft a few lines.

Here is a good example from the “About us” page of topito.com:

La page Qui sommes-nous de Topito: un exemple réussi!

4. Inspire confidence with your “About us” page

You have to get your visitors to trust you – particularly if your site is an e-commerce site. This is because risk is one of the main factors that can compromise conversion rates! Here are 3 pieces of information that can help you address this:

  • Address and map: show that you actually have a bricks-and-mortar site as well.
  • Telephone number and email address: these always provide visitors with reassurance.
  • Legal notices: essential – they inspire trust.

5. The icing on the cake: the little sentence that makes it all work

You have just persuaded your visitors that you have the competitive advantage, you’ve gained their trust by introducing your team to them and talking about your history… now it’s time to talk business! Because your “About” page can work for you.

Include a button or a call to action link at the bottom of the page: sign up to receive the newsletter, online simulation, contact page… But be careful: use a sentence that inspires trust to introduce this button.

For example: Now you know the team and the project! Has this aroused your curiosity? Stay informed: sign up to our newsletter and you’ll receive all the latest news about the sector.

And if you have a blog, it’s now or never if you want to get your visitors to have a look at it. In fact, have you already had a look at Universem’s blog? It’s well worth a visit!

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