Meet our new Head of Web Analytics

Amandine Duchesne - Head of Analytics - Universem

Amandine Duchesne talks about her new role as Head of Web Analytics. And what exactly does it entail for Universem and for our customers?

What is your new function and what does it entail?


My main objective is to support the development of the Web Analytics expertise within Universem. In other words, how can we convince our customers and prospects that Web Analytics is the foundation for a successful digital strategy.

I oversee everything related to Web Analytics, assist the consultants in their daily work and coach them to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.

I participate in sales and marketing actions (webinars, conferences, etc.) to communicate about the latest web analytics trends and help non-analytics experts better understand the Web Analytics ecosystem.


In which way is this function beneficial for Universem’s customers?

The development of new Web Analytics deliverables provides our clients with the most updated services that answer their needs in terms of quality and relevancy.

I help develop strategic recommendations for B2B, B2C, e-commerce and drive-to-store brands. I also help configure advanced tracking set-ups, realise customised analytics, and create customised marketing and operational dashboards. So that we can help our clients make the right decisions to grow their business.

What are the main challenges for the moment linked to Analytics and linked to this role?

Analytics Image

The Analytics world is always evolving, and challenges are appearing every day. However, since a few years, it has evolved more than ever, especially with the increasing importance of user privacy that encourages Web Analytics experts to totally rethink the way they are collecting and using data.

My new role in this big challenge will be to ensure we always make the best possible recommendations to our clients to apply the most ‘future proof’ analytics strategy.


What do you like most about your new job?

Can I say “everything”? ?

This function is new to me, so I am looking forward to everything that I will learn and that we will accomplish this year!


Can you tell us something about your career at Universem? When did you start, and which functions did you have?


Starting as a Web Analytics consultant, I helped customers taking the right decisions through an optimal collection and a visualisation of their data. Through the years, I started to support customers in their global digital strategy.

I became more involved in the development of web analytics services within Universem through a greater participation in the realization of the web analytics methodologies, in the coaching of junior consultants and in marketing actions. With this new position, I am now coordinating all these elements!


Why should a company choose to work with Universem for its digital marketing?

The 4 pillars of Universem well summarizes the reasons why I would recommend working with us:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Efficient Organisation

We always tend to provide our clients with the best services that will meet their needs, with the aim of helping them not only grow their businesses but also their knowledge about the digital world.


Why should someone choose for Universem as an employer?

There are several reasons why you would want to work at Universem, but according to me, the two most important ones are:

  • Team atmosphere: I have the chance to work with great colleagues, with whom it is a pleasure to work with every day and who are of a great support. Especially in this period of uncertainty where work life has changed.
  • Diversity of work: With the diversity of services, we are delivering as well as with the diversity of sectors in which our clients are working, learning possibilities are infinite.

Do you have a question about your analytics projects?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.