What impact does a crisis have on your customers?

In times of major change, it is not always easy to know immediately or estimate beforehand what kind of effect this has on your customers. How do their needs and wishes change? What do they need, and what can you offer them? It is quite frequent that crisis trends are appearing during and after a change. Find out how to get a view of this with Google Trends.

Search and anticipate (Google) trends

Google Trends is a tool that can reveal some elements of what lies behind the Google search engine. It allows you to look up how frequently one or more search terms have been used in Google to find trends in keywords over a longer period of time.

Er zijn verschillende rapporten en visualisaties die je kan raadplegen in deze tool. Naast een evolutie in de tijd, kan je bijvoorbeeld ook een kijkje nemen naar de interesse per land en regio. Deze applicatie is daarom handig om jouw digitale marketingstrategie bij te sturen op verschillende vlakken, zoals SEO, SEA en Content Marketing.

There are several reports and visualizations that you can consult in this tool. Besides an evolution of multiple keywords in time, you can also look at the interest in the topic per country and/or region. This application is therefore useful for adjusting your digital marketing strategy in various ways, such as through SEO, SEA and Content Marketing adaptations.

Watch the short demo, created by our head of SEA, Harold Stinglhamber, and stay up to date on google search trends.