Feedback on the Search Marketing lectures at SMX Paris 2018

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Search Marketing professionals have attended the SMX Paris for 9 years now. Lectures are focused on changes in marketing on search engines and also on valuable returns from experiences. Our team of SEO experts was present at the last edition in June and we would like to share and highlight few important elements to answer the needs of your users and optimize your SEO. What trends are to be followed and how are they applied? How to implement a successful digital strategy in 2018?

Position Zero and vocal search

The use of Position Zero in search results is an exceptional featured snippet. Designing (redesigning) our content along these lines is of prime importance. Although its CTR does not seem to be as good as the first natural result, Position Zero gives unbeatable visibility to the site and prepares for vocal search: 87% of the replies given by Google Home are taken from Position Zeroes!

What is the Position Zero Universem

Chatbots: The future of searches will be conversational

Often criticised for lack of agility, chatbots have not said their last word. The new generation of conversational entities is running. Large companies are investing in creating their own bots and RoIs are there. For Blablacar, the new chatbot channel of sales has already brought 3 thousand million users. The French post office has noted a 30% decrease in the number of calls to support services! And other companies use the chatbot as an internal assistant, gaining time and giving satisfaction to staff.

Speed at the service of UX and referencing

The loading speed of a site is at the heart of preoccupations more than ever before. Optimisation is focused on both Google robots and users. The 2011 Google campaigns announcing the release of Chrome were for this already.

SEO - Speed on the Internet

The speed of a site affects not only the research results classification but also the conversion rates.

The ROI of a content strategy

Still seen as minor by some people, a well-driven content strategy pays off! It also allows small operators to stand out among increasing competition. Drawing up a winning editorial strategy is delicate work and requires professional expertise. A rigorous plan and advanced technical work are necessary.

Synergies between SEO, Analytics and SEA

If we had to identify the overall lesson given by these two days of lectures on Search Marketing, we should say that the cohesion of the different disciplines ensures the success of a project. The tools we have today enable us to give accurate quantitative facts. We must draw the most from a solid digital strategy. This gives significant results and a considerable gains in time and money.

… And many other teachings at XMS 2018 to apply for gaining in online performance.

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