Become your own media through Inbound Marketing!

Inbound marketing : le contenu pour captiver vos audiences et les attirer !

How to turn strangers into customers through Inbound Marketing ? Use your Owned Media, the media that belongs to you, to bring the customer to you!


Outbound Maketing vs Inbound Marketing ?

Inbound Marketing is different from traditional marketing. Where Outbound Marketing will use more traditional « push » means to reach its targets, the Inbound proposes a « pull » strategy of acquiring which consists in naturally attracting the prospect towards its product with content they transmitted themselves. These are not intrusive techniques. The two practices are not diametrically opposed, but rather complementary.

Paid, Owned, Earned Media : a trio of media groups

What are these three kinds of media and where is Inbound Marketing in this scheme ?

  • Paid Media is the advertising space brands pay for. Meaning, both conventional advertising techniques, press, television, radio … as the paying ads on the search engines,
  • Owned Media is the media that belongs directly to the company. Consequently, this one is, as it were, free. For example: the website, the blog, social networking pages… are means of communication in which the advertiser becomes his own client.
  • Earned Media is the broadcast channel emitted directly by the customers themselves. This free advertising is not controlable. It is conveyed by word-of-mouth, mentions through social media, forums,…

Inbound Marketing is thus part of the second group, but the trilogy cohabits. If the first one is not used by all companies, the other two are acquisition levers that all have an interest in starting up.


Be present at all stages of the purchase process !

The consumer decision-making process can be long. This involves, through Inbound Marketing, to be present at all stages of the journey. Ultimately, to turn a stranger into a customer. And, at best, a real ambassador ! What are the different paths companies can use to reach a skilled audience through content ?

  • Pages of a website
  • Emailing, newsletters, forms …
  • Blog articles, whitepapers, ebooks, tutorials, webinars …
  • Social Networks
  • Call To Action

Production costs are quite low, compared to Outbound, paying, the ROI is high – when the strategy is well developed – but the acquisition of traffic is slower. An interesting formula, which requires a reflection oriented towards the user, Customer Centric. The customer’s concerns, instead of the products as before, are at the heart of the company’s organization. It’s all about releasing content, in the most appropriate form, at the right time and in the right place ! Content that nobody finds is lost content.

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