Sébastien François

Partner & Project Director

Your career, the short version

I was introduced to the Internet during my very first years to understand and use its possibilities, among other by launching one of the first online betting platform in 1997 while the Internet was only becoming popular.

Having a strong interest in entrepreneurship, I co-founded with the Universem founding team an e-commerce webshop during my studies in IT at the University of Namur during which I’ve also co-founded the Entrepreneurship Youth Club of Namur. I then made a post-master in General Management at the Vlerick School before working during 2 years as a consultant in the banking sector at Callataÿ & Wouters in parallel with the founding of Universem. 

The best thing about your profession?

As co-founder of Universem, Partner & Operations Director, I’m in charge of Finance, HR as well as internal organization of the company. Developping Universem is a great challenge combining two of my passions: Internet & Entrepreneurship.

Your favorite indulgence?

I’m a big fan of hi-tech products combining the latest technologies!