Joris Vandendooren

Client services director

Your career, the short version

With a background in journalism and marketing, I have held positions such as digital manager, editor in chief, project manager, head of marketing, and general manager. My preference has always been for discovery and novelty, and I have never done the same job twice. By doing so, I am able to constantly feed my skills and maintain a certain freshness with time 😊

The best thing about your profession?

Continually evolving. Digital marketing, in particular, evolves with society, technology, and new challenges. It’s exciting to never settle and continue to learn.

Your favorite indulgence?

I discovered cycling as a sport about 5 years ago and the more I practice, the more I enjoy it. Whether it’s on the road or recently the Gravel which is an incredible innovation.

When I’m not on my bike, I’m a big fan of aperitifs around good local beers or nice wines. I’m very greedy 😊.

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