Webinar ‘Creating stronger B2B advertising strategies’ – Thursday June 25


Much will have changed after the Coronavirus deeply hit us and turned the world upside down. Also all the marketing strategies that we will now adapt and develop can not ignore this. This is the case in the B2C sector, but also in the B2B sector.

But how can I best setup an efficient B2B advertising strategy?

  • Which audiences to use or not to use? And how?
  • How to set-up cross channel B2B campaigns?
  • How to target B2B audiences on channels where those audiences are quite limited (like eg Google and Facebook)?

William Tinant (Sr Online Advertising Consultant) will answer all these questions during our next webinar. To this he will add some other interesting insights and a whole set of useful tips.

The webinar (in English) will take place on Thursday June 25, at 11:00 AM.

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We are looking forward to meeting you then!