Universem supports the growth of the French startup Upway

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Upway positions itself as the expert in refurbished electric bicycles. Established in France in 2021, the brand quickly gained recognition in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, and Belgium. With over 10,000 refurbished bikes produced through their workshops, Upway stands as the leading platform for refurbished electric bicycles, catering to the demands of eco-mobility.

The startup’s goal is to make electric bikes accessible to everyone by offering affordable bikes delivered to their doorstep, backed by a one-year warranty. Refurbished bikes provide an excellent alternative to new and used options. Buoyed by its growing success, the company raised 25 million euros in 2022.

Universem’s objective is to contribute to Upway‘s growth in Belgium by expanding its sales channel. This task presents an exciting challenge, given that the Flemish market is already more advanced in terms of electric bicycles. However, the ultimate goal is to establish the brand’s presence across the entire country. An exciting collaboration with promising prospects!