Universem becomes partner of UNICEF belgium


It has been 4 years Universem is helping UNICEF Belgium in the design and implementation of their digital stragegy. The outcoming partnership is very logic.

UNICEF Belgium is a charitable foundation that is committed to children and the respect of the rights of children worldwide. Very sensitive to their cause and in order to show their support and interest in their actions, Universem becomes a sponsor of UNICEF Belgium and formalizes this way their good relationship with the organisation. By becoming a partner, we show our respect and how proud we are to work for them, explains Sébastien François, co-founder of Universem.

UNICEF Belgium has been a loyal customer to Universem for several years. «We attach more and more importance on the digital channel to support our actions fort he collection of funds and working for children’s rights; a strong partnership is essential to us » says Damien Vincent, General Director of UNICEF Belgium.