Universem and ObservePoint join forces to optimize your data analysis processes

Partnership Universem ObservePoint||


Managing a 360° data environment might sometimes look like science fiction. However, properly implemented, analytics and marketing tags provide very high-quality data that every company should have to make the right strategic decisions.

Hubert de Cartier | Partner & Project Director

Universem found that more and more organizations are looking for the right solution for this challenge and therefore decided to enter into a partnership with ObservePoint. “Thanks to this new partnership, our joint customers can fully enjoy the benefits of superior data quality. And more reliable data result in faster and more successful data-driven decisions,” says Hubert de Cartier, Partner & Project Director at Universem.




In a nutshell. With the help of ObservePoint, Universem performs super fast and much more efficient tag audits in websites and apps to ensure that all tags function perfectly. The tool also warns when errors or inconsistencies occur. Another application is the implementation and validation of campaign tracking, completely in one centralized interface. ObservePoint also offers major benefits for updates and migrations of websites and apps. In these cases, all tags will stay neatly in place and they will continue to do what they should do. Finally, tag audits can also be used to detect malicious tags and thus protect a website against unauthorized data collection.

Why Universem & Observepoint?

Carrie Secrett, Channel Manager at ObservePoint, summarizes the partnership as follows: “Working with Universem in the Belgian market is very important to us. After all, they have the knowledge of analytics, but also perfectly understand the needs, goals and KPIs of their customers. In this way, together with Universem, we can help our customers to optimize and further develop their data analysis processes.