Do I really need to call upon an SEA agency?

Why should you call upon an SEA Agency?||||An SEA agency will use the right tools to ensure the quality of your campaigns.|Pourquoi devriez-vous faire appel à une Agence SEA ?|Heeft U een SEA agentschap nodig?|Pourquoi devriez-vous faire appel à une agence SEA pour gérer vos campagnes ?

Good question, don’t you think?

This is a question we are frequently asked by marketing managers. For, in certain cases, a company can choose to keep a grip on its entire marketing strategy. This requires that in-house teams have all the necessary elements to elaborate and execute AdWords campaigns. After all, this method seems economical and faster. So, why should you call upon a consultancy such as Universem?

Simply because the two main advantages mentioned above only very rarely materialise. But also, and especially, because it is essential that you optimise your campaigns throughout your project and that requires an expert eye.

Do agencies really have a better vision than my own teams?

This question clearly has nothing to do with your teams’ commitment, but concerns their critical insight into your situation. How many times, due to lack of hindsight, have you missed a small detail that could have made all the difference? Allow us to presume that you have experienced this more than once. And it’s perfectly human for, after all, when you ask your in-house teams to manage your AdWords, Bing, Facebook or other campaigns, it’s not so easy to stop and to analyse all the features that comprise such a campaign.


Very often, they approach the qualities of a given product or service from a biased viewpoint, induced by a higher level of knowledge than your target audience. In addition, it is not rare to focus on the product or service rather than on its customer value. You know exactly what we mean, don’t you? Acronyms, internal vocabulary, functionalities with usage levels that remain questionable, etc.

In short, so many unseized opportunities that could well have detected thanks to an SEA agency. For our teams cast a new gaze over your company. During the exchange and exploration phases, our AdWords consultants take a close look at your market and talk to your teams. These discussions usually result in totally new dynamics that can often have a beneficial impact on your marketing:

  1. A clear-cut distribution: the market is managed by the company and SEA expertise by the agency
  2. Perfect configuration of your account and more accurate targeting
  3. Optimised AdWords campaigns that result in improved R.O.I.

A comprehensive vision combined with an excellent command of AdWords tools

An SEA agency will use the right tools to ensure the quality of your campaigns.

Universem has been accompanying its clients towards the success of their AdWords campaigns for over ten years now. As a consultancy specialising in strategic and operational digital marketing, we offer the advantage of implementing and executing the plans we develop with our clients. We offer them the benefits of our expertise, our SEA successes, and our failures, and much more.

For Universem boasts pluridisciplinary teams. Our SEA consultants are experts in charged web indexing and devote all their time to their specific expertise. They are, nevertheless, accompanied by a team comprised of aces in Content Marketing, SEO and Web Analytics.

Beyond setting parameters and optimising your account and your campaigns, our experts’ mission consists in identifying the opportunities likely to help improve a whole range of tactical actions deployed around your digital strategy.

This exchange within our teams guarantees excellent SERP results on search engines. Bear in mind that the success of your partnership with an SEA agency exclusively depends on achieving your goals.

And a close collaboration with Google

The best SEA agencies are awarded with Google Partner Premier certificationa guarantee as to the quality of our consultancy services and the SEA expertise offered to our clients within the context of their AdWords, Display, Google Shopping, etc. campaigns. Such certification also enables our clients to benefit from tools and functionalities in ‘Beta’ version. A position that offers a large number of advantages, in particular in the most competitive sectors where there is no margin for error when advertising.

Not forgetting that, very often, Partner Premier certification is completed by a number of other certifications, the value of which can prove capital for your company. Universem is among the 142 SEA consultancies with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Data Studio certification. So you can count on our experts to measure the efficacy of your tactics. They will indeed help you visualise the right data, to make the right decisions.

Moreover, we can count on direct support from Google, with which our experts can exchange in order to provide you with pertinent information on your sector of activity.

Calling upon an SEA agency also means limiting risks

Since 2007, Universem has enjoyed organic growth, offering its clients a certain degree of stability in terms of AdWords campaign management. Several advertisers have informed us of problems they encounter due to staff mobility. Frequent turnover within your teams can, of course, negatively impact your campaigns at a number of different levels: profitability, continuity, tonality …

Those are pitfalls we want you to avoid.


Therefore, a quality SEA agency will take care to apply a long-term methodology in an aim to guarantee the quality of its deliverables. At Universem, we organise our resources via a matrix method. Our teams comprise at least one member for each field of expertise: SEA, SMA, SEO and Analytics. Each expertise is supervised by a ‘Head Of’, which offers the advantage of:

  1. Ensuring the level of knowledge of each of our experts, per specific area of expertise
  2. Controlling that each consultant keeps a close eye on all the dimensions of your project

Do you have ongoing SEA projects? Feel free to contact our experts to assess the relevance of calling upon an SEA agency.