Content marketing: what impact does it have on my company’s ranking?

Impact content Marketing référencement

If you have even a passing interest in the world of the Internet, then you’ll know that it’s everywhere! Content marketing or drafting high-quality content is a major trend in 2013. But does this strategy have any real influence on your rankings? And how frequently should content be published? You’ll find all the answers in this article.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing for a company involves producing high-quality content about its products or business. Also sometimes referred to as “inbound marketing“, the purpose of content marketing is to attract the general public’s attention so as to convince them of the expertise, knowledge or high quality of the goods/services on offer.

It’s the richness and the relevance of the content delivered that make content marketing different from traditional marketing. The idea is not to say “buy my product – it’s the best”, but rather to provide information that will demonstrate to potential customers that this is indeed the case.

This method is less aggressive and therefore serves as a means of answering consumers’ questions and tackling their objections, while building a relationship based on trust between the two parties.

What impact does it have on my company’s ranking?

You will have heard this over and over again: Google is constantly on the look-out for relevant content to offer up to its users. It therefore prioritises original and high-quality content. Updating your site on a regular basis also has a bearing on your ranking. Constantly publishing new content will definitely give you an advantage in terms of visibility.

Having a blog is the ideal way to implement your content marketing strategy! This will not only provide evidence of your expertise in your particular field… it will ensure that your company appears more frequently in Google’s results. This way, you will attract more visitors, and therefore more potential customers.

Remember to highlight buttons for sharing your content on social networks in order to get your visitors involved. Because your site’s popularity will also have a bearing on how high up it ranks, the number of times it is shared, quotations or links towards your pages will maximise the result!

How frequently should content be published and what results will this generate?

The graphic below shows the monthly impact of blog postings on incoming traffic for B2B and B2C companies.

A B2C company which publishes 1 or 2 articles per month can practically double its traffic compared with a company that does not have a blog. The graphic also shows that traffic increases considerably with the number of articles published. The clearest difference can be seen in the B2C sector, which gets nearly 8 times more traffic by publishing more than 15 articles per month!

In the B2B sector, the results are less apparent, but are still very encouraging. We observe, for instance, that a B2B company can double its traffic by publishing 3 to 5 articles per month. It can even hope to attract 3 times more traffic by publishing a minimum of 6 articles per month and up to 5 times more traffic if it publishes more than 15 articles!

Impact blogging on inbound traffic - b2c b2bsource: Hubspot

Increasing traffic is a good start, but what impact does blogging have on the number of leads? In other words, how does blogging affect the number of qualified contacts that are obtained?

A B2B company which publishes 6 or 8 articles per month can triple its leads compared with a company that does not have a blog!

A B2C company that posts 3 to 5 articles can expect to double its leads! 

impact blogging on leadssource: Hubspot

This data clearly shows just how important content marketing is – in terms of both increasing traffic and the number of contacts generated. To summarise, a company that increases its publications from 3-5 to 6-8 times a month can double the number of prospective customers that it acquires.

And if you don’t have the time or the energy, just remember that if you are a B2B company, you can generate 70% more contacts by blogging once or twice a month compared with a company that does not blog!

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