A successful first half of 2017

New references trust Universem with their Digital Marketing|Références Universem

Several new major names have joined Universem since the beginning of the year.
They include: ​

Mozzeno, Raidillon, PPE Group, EDF Luminus and Leonidas trust Universem for their Digital Marketing.

  • EDF Luminus: The B2B / SME BUs have entrusted Universem with their Content Marketing strategy and promotion (Content Promotion & Analytics).
  • EPP Group: The European People’s Party group is the largest of the European Parliament’s eight political groups. Universem is assisting it with its SEO strategy (27 countries and 22 languages).
  • Leonidas: The famous Belgian chocolate brand founded in 1913 has turned to Universem for its e-commerce conversion optimisation (CRO) and analytics, as well as managing the national and international AdWords campaigns.
  • Mozzeno: The Belgian peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform has chosen to boost its growth by implementing a digital marketing strategy.
  • Raidillon: The Belgian watchmaking brand Gentlemen Driver is continuing its course and taking a turn towards digital marketing.

This success is reflected in the teams’ increasingly recognised expertise in Belgium in the realm of Digital Marketing (SEO/Content Marketing, SEA/Online Ads, Web Analytics/Customer Intelligence).