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Following the latest population containment measures to stem the spread of the corona virus, many companies are now running slowly. As the climate of uncertainty we are facing is uncomfortable, we offer you some tips to continue optimizing the SEO of your website. You will then be more than ever ready to restart in the best conditions.

1. Audit your website

Performing an SEO audit of your website is a big job. In addition, once it is done, corrections and optimizations must be implemented to improve the visibility of your platform and eliminate the technical factors that block or limit its good indexing.

Slow activity is therefore an opportunity to implement all these optimizations which are sometimes difficult to add to the often-busy schedule of the developer team.

2. Make a mini content inventory

A full content inventory requires some expertise, but you can start it and boost the performance of your content by analyzing some elements. To do this, create an Excel file taking care to identify the different types of content, by separating them by tab for example. Then list each of your content:

  • Web pages
  • Blog articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Infographics

Then analyse each element according to a few non-exhaustive criteria’s:

  • Is the content up to date?
  • The traffic obtained
  • The social actions generated by each content
  • The positioning of the pages concerned in the search results
  • Targeted SEO themes
  • What objectives does it meet?

Finally, identify the actions to take and put a schedule in place:

  • What elements to keep, update, delete or create?
  • What optimizations can be made to further target your important themes (internal linking, on-page optimizations, deepening of the subject, enriching the content with images, videos, etc.)?
  • What content can be re-integrated into your content marketing strategy and shared when business will start up normally?

3. Update your ‘Google My Business’ page

If you have one or more physical stores, a showroom or an office with defined opening hours, please modify the information to adapt it to your new schedule. You can also use this channel to communicate temporary changes related to your activity and adapt the description of your business and / or create one or more specific Google Posts.

Also make sure that your contact details are correct in case your customers try to reach you.

4. Treat your toxic backlinks

You maybe have identified in your netlinking strategy a series of suspicious and potentially toxic backlinks to your SEO. To avoid losing visibility and being penalized by Google for fraudulent practices, it is essential to deal with these links. This work requires contacting each site owner that host these links in order to remove them.

5. Take a step back by interviewing your customers and employees

Slower activity is also an ideal moment to take a step back from your digital strategy. Have a break and take a critical look at your current situation. Where are you in the achievement of your goals? Will the upcoming actions respond to them? How to adapt your strategy once the containment period is over?

This is an opportunity to put your employees and customers to work. Through online questionnaires, video conferences or simple phone calls, ask them about your products, services and corporate culture. These elements will be an extremely rich source to refine your customer knowledge and create the experience that meets their expectations.

We are doing everything we can to support our customers in this difficult period.

Do you need advice to strengthen your SEO during this exceptional period?

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