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“One-to-one” communicatie als belangrijk ondersteunend element voor de groei van de expert in optimaal ruimtgerbuik! Download case

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Strategy & customer intelligence

Who are my targets? what media do the use? How can I access and engage them?

Our consultants associate the latest technologies and your own corporate vision to devise efficient strategies and tactics that are perfectly in line with your customers’ and your prospects’ expectations.

What metrics define my customers' behaviour? How can I measure the profitability of my marketing action?

Our Analytics experts design dashboards to coordinate your marketing and create personalised customer journeys to optimise your conversion rate, or CRO for short.

digital marketing

What are my targets looking for? What contents should I publish to acquire new users and to gain loyalty among existing customers?

Our contents experts and our SEO specialists help you to implement an editorial strategy and to optimise your site to ensure excellent web positioning (SERP).

What channels do my targets use? What messages should I promote and at what frequency? In what formats and on what platforms?

Our consultants are by your side to help develop the ideal media plan. A plan that will highlight your values and be in line with your audience’s needs.

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Acquire, convert & delight

As a Digital Marketing Consultancy Company, Universem aims at optimizing your digital presence to acquire more audience, to convert your traffic into qualified opportunities and to delight your customers. Our teams design and implement strategies and tactics combining natural referencing (SEO & Content Marketing), online advertising (SEA & Social Media Advertising), Web Analytics and Customer Intelligence to stimulate the growth of your business.


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“One-to-one” communicatie als belangrijk ondersteunend element voor de groei van de expert in optimaal ruimtgerbuik! Download case in pdf Een mooie verbetering van het conversiepercentage +125% Een

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Leonidas richt zich resoluut naar een digitale toekomst! Zijn doelstelling? Zo dicht mogelijk bij zijn klanten staan. En daar helpen onze Marketing Consultants de chocoladefabrikant

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Mozzeno, de Fintech gespecialiseerd in leningen tussen particulieren, kiest voor de marketingexpertise van Universem en verhoogt zijn reputatie dankzij SEO! Download case in pdf Organisch Verkeer +180%

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