4 tips to advertise on Pinterest


4 tips to advertise on Pinterest

Advertising on social media, it is an integral part of most online advertising strategies. Facebook and Instagram are much-loved platforms to reach target audiences, but have you ever thought of a number of other, perhaps less obvious, social media websites you can use? Find out how to advertise in an efficient way on Pinterest, thanks to four quick tips from our SEA expert, Laura De Vroede.

How do you create successful Pinterest ads?

Ads on Pinterest are the perfect way to make your products and services known to a wider audience, while people in Pinterest are looking for their favorite image or post. You can easily create ads in the Pinterest Ads Manager.

The process of creating Pinterest ads bears many similarities to other Ads tools. Features such as setting and adjusting the goal of the campaign, budget, time schedule, and target audience are all available.

However, each social media has its own particularities. Pinterest has therefore its own characteristics and ways of using, which are not the same other social media platforms. In this video, you can discover specific tips and tricks for advertising on Pinterest, which will make your campaigns a success.